Rental Racing Car 

TOYOTA 86 Rental Race Car (Japanese)
TOYOTA 86 Rental Race Car (English)
SHIFT SUPER CAR RACE Rental Racing Car System for SLS AMG GT3 (Japanese)
SHIFT SUPER CAR RACE Rental Racing Car System for SLS AMG GT3 (English)

This revolutionary racing car rental system is the system to compete in the race by renting a GT machine so that anyone with appropriate license can take part in Super Car Race Series. This rental system is for the first time in Japan!

Furthermore, Race Car Insurance gives you more enjoyable race car driving. This Race Car insurance is designed to provide cover against the cause of damage by own driving mistake and collision damage with other vehicle in the race.

Racing Car Manufacture 

86Racer's line
Replacement and additional parts (reference examples) ※ vehicle price is not included.
oil catch tank roll cage fuel-cut off switch set towing hook
Brake pad Front Brake pad Rear Brake duct Clutch disc
Reinforced clutch cover Sheat backet Sheat rail Sheat belt
Steering wheel Steering wheel boss Fire extinguisher computer
limited-slip differential Shock absorber muffler Bonnet pins
Trunk lock pins Hear insulator Other parts Aluminum wheel
Wheel nut set tires engine oil cooler kit water temperature gauge
Engine Oil temperature gauge oil engine temperature gauge switch panel/carbon material Replacement of Vehicle stability control unit
Reinforced suspension bush Front stabilizer Roll bar padding Processing fee for Basic specification

optional extra

optional replacement and additional parts
Safety tank Safety tank container Drawing up from fuel pump Fuel pump with sending unit
Fuel regulator collector tank collector tank adapter Fuel air filter
Fuel hoses & fittings Bulkhead tank fittings Braker switch for fuel pump Coupling for degassing
processing fee listed above (safety tank & accessary members)
Brake hose Large capacity of radiator Large-diameter brake rotor・caliper Pad for large-diameter brake rotor
AIM logger system T/M cooler kit D/F cooler kit  
processing fee listed above
Painting and placing stickers on front bumper Painting and placing stickers on rear bumper Painting and placing stickers on door mirror Painting and placing stickers on door knob
  • All of the parts above listed are reference examples. In the case of bring your own parts, the processing fee might be changed. We will make the estimate separately.
  • Vehicle transportation fee will be added separately.
  • We do not offer the vehicle storage service.